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As restless as the waves, so is my spirit
And yet there are areas of calm at sea..
People walking,
Birds squawking,
All this doesn’t calm me
I feel agitated,
The sigh I breathe is one of despair
The sun beats down and no-one minds,
Lovers holding hands, happiness etched in their actions.
My tension is that of a caged animal.
Uncertain of my future,
Is there one for me??....

It was then, 1997, when I left behind my life as a junior primary teacher and started searching for a new challenge. I turned to family and friends for answers. Their answer: You love talking, people, adventure, travelling.- “how about tourism!”

Six months later, I qualified as a tourist guide and deep down I knew that I had made the right choice and that was ten years ago.

I truly began appreciating my country, seeing it through the eyes of both local and foreign visitors; the natural beauty, the diversity of our cultures; we have so much to be grateful for! It was when I became more and more involved in cultural and sustainable tourism that I realized my purpose in all of this and this is to enhance the lives of those around me.

I am driven by going the extra mile, it’s my passion, and it makes me tick! Think about this - People come to our beautiful country and we don’t know if they’ll ever return, so give them the best experience ever.

Shiya Afrika, what does it mean you ask, I guess arriving at a name is yet another journey of discovery? So there we were throwing names around but Footprints in Afrika stuck in my mind, “Lets give it an African feel,” and Shiya Africa (leaving behind in Africa loosely translated) was born.

Shiya Afrika Tours and Event Management looks at making her mark in local tourism, exposing the cultural goodness of our country to the average income groups. In other words allow our people to enjoy their own country at affordable prices as well as offering overseas tourists the opportunity to experience the beauty of our country.


Our journey has begun,
The accommodation is in place,
We’ll approach the road works with caution,
Without a doubt,
Hilton and I are looking forward
To our destination.

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