Great trip, very well organized. Well done!
uKubuntu tourist for life.
Thanks Gerald Alexander – Grassy Park, Cape Town

Aunty Arlene, Uncle Hilton and Uncle Neil
The adventure was awesome but next time make it longer.
Lots of love: from Liam 11yrs old Lansdowne, Cape Town

We knew the Kruger National Park existed on the map, but we would never have visited the park in our private capacity. You guys made the impossible become a reality. What a stunning and informative few days we had. Well organized and well done. Now for the International tour?? Keep us informed of future events.
Thank you guys Julie and Ameer Mohamed – Kensington Cape Town

Your love of your country is unbelievable and makes a lasting impression on a memorable holiday.
Karen McArdle – Dundalk Ireland

Thank you doesn’t seem adequate for the wonderful services you rendered to our group, we feel we have an extended family.
Ves and Inge Dolve – Olso Norway

Your warmth and generosity in terms of opening up your family experiences and home to us moved me greatly! Hope that Tony and I can host you and your family sometime in the US.
Amy Winans – Harrisburg USA

I had a wonderful holiday as a tour guide you set a very high standard for others to follow, we were very fortunate to have you as our guide for the trip.Thank you very much for everything, the trip was very educational for me. I learnt a lot about my people.
Sonia Gilbert – Southampton Bermuda

A memorable trip to Cape Town made all the more pleasant by your help and co operation. You provided us with true insight to South African affairs.
Jerry and Kathleen Ryan – Dublin Ireland

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