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Ready to set sail

Dear Friends

A weekend of pampering happened from Friday 30th Oct to Sunday 1st Nov 2009 to 32 fun loving women.

What a wonderful way to enjoy life! Laughing, eating, walking, dancing, singing and even crying! All of this united us into believing and understanding just what amazingly beautiful people we are !

We started out as a group of women uncertain of what the weekend at Club Mykonos, Langebaan, had in store for us. We came home having kindled new friendships, more aware of fantastic businesses around us and more importantly rejuvenated in both spirit and mind!

Now and then we were reminded of our beautiful surroundings, the ancient history and the importance of our heritage; so much to appreciate and so much to experience. What a wonderful world !!!

Boesmanland with their array of food and live music got our spirits soaring, the lull of the ocean soothed our inner fears. Aunty Ruth celebrated her birthday in style with a yummy birthday cake and personal birthday serenades! Ciska’s health and beauty spa  totally

de-stressed us and prepared us for an evening of plate breaking tension release! Mmmmm, hotstone massages, chocolate pedicures, facials, the works, deeevine !             

But nothing could prepare us for our yacht cruise aboard the Sea Stallion! What an experience!

Ladies you are truly inspirational; we have learnt from each other, we bared our souls to one another, we were there for each other. Ladies, you just rocked my world!!!

I just hope that more of us take opportunities like these to enjoy life, to enjoy our surroundings and yes to enjoy the wonderful people that we are! Let us live our dreams, let us inspire each other, let us fall in love!

Continue to enjoy life and keep in touch

See you with our next pamper weekend sometime March 2010!

Arlene xxx

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Fun at Boesmanland

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Releasing frustrations - Plate breaking

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