Social Responsibilty



Social Responsibilty

social responsibilty

We have assisted numerous schools, families and organisations with food, money and or equipment due to the generosity of people visiting different projects. Recently we took two families shopping for a bed, an oven, floor covering and food with funds received from Ireland. We also assist a pre school annually with funding received from America to uplift the school and we have just installed toilet facilities at the school.

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Dalukhanyo Pre School Langa 1

Johanna 1a

Johanna making tracksuits 1

Arlene thanks for assisting me with sourcing Johanna, a local seamstress, to make tracksuits for Dalukhanyo Pre School Langa
Kat st Thomas - USA.

Washbasin 1

Toilets Installed 1

“Thanks to Arlene from Shiya Afrika Tours and Event Management for assisting us at Dalukhanyo Pre School Langa in obtaining funding for the painting of a classroom, fitting of toilets and supplying of baby food, nappies, baby cots and other items from Millie Deane and her class at Northwood Montessori in the USA” July 09 – and for the past 5 years.

I cannot thank Arlene of Shiya Afrika Tours enough for her assistance in supplying us with food when the need arises and thanks for securing a sponsorship of soccer jerseys for our soccer team
Magadien Wentzel Manenberg July 09

Arlene thanks for thinking of us when you have food for distribution from one of the retail chain stores. Our family of 24 appreciates your kindness
Hendricks FamilyParkwood August 09

Christmas Party 1

Christmas party for Manenberg kids 1

Face painting 1

Parties organised for disadvantaged children

Never too young to help others 1

Distribution to Phillippi squatters 1

Sorting before distribution 1

Washing toys before handing over 1

Distribution of sponsored food and toys

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